DIY Beautiful Beaded Butterflies

DIY Beautiful Beaded Butterflies

Nature is one of the best places to look for jewelry inspiration. If you are looking for spring and summer jewelry ideas, butterflies are your good choices. They are beautiful, delicate, brightly colored, and intricately patterned. Here’s a nice beaded craft project to make beautiful beaded butterflies. You can use different colors of beads to create your own style. They can be used for pendants, charms, brooch and so on. Or simply hang them in your garden to add a little elegance to the insect population of your beautiful yard. Enjoy!

Here are the supplies you may need:

  • Beads with colors and sizes of you choices;
  • Wire;
  • Wire cutter.

DIY Beautiful Beaded Butterflies

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How to DIY Beautiful Beaded Butterflies

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By the way, dragonfly is also a great choice for your jewelry project. If you are interested, here is the link to the beaded dragonfly project on my site.

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