Creative Ideas – DIY CD Disco Ball and Jewelry

Creative Ideas - DIY CD Disco Ball and Jewelry

Nowadays, CDs and DVDs are gradually replaced with flash drives, portable hard drives and other more advanced storage technology. But most of us still have some CDs or DVDs lying around and taking up our space. Instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose and reuse your old CDs in many creative ways. With creativity, you can turn them into beautiful home decors or fashion pieces.

Here is a perfect example. In this tutorial, Jamie shows us how to make a sparkling disco ball or some fun jewelry out of old CDs. They are very easy to make. Simply put the CDs into boiling water and cut them in small pieces which you can use to decorate into a disco ball, make jewelry pieces and even decorate your home. This is really an easy and inexpensive way to add a shiny touch to your home and parties. Follow the video and learn how to make these amazing transformations with all your old CDs!

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