How to DIY Cute Braided Bun with Ribbon Hairstyle

How to DIY Cute Braided Ponytail with Ribbon Hairstyle

Here is a super cute idea to make braided bun with ribbon hairstyle. Isn’t that adorable? With the ribbon, you can add more accents to your hairstyle. First you need to divide the hair into two parts and start making tiny pigtails for the bottom part of the hair. Twine the ribbon between the two pigtails. Combine the upper half the hair and the tiny pigtails together to form a ponytail. Then you can start weaving a 4 strand braid with the ribbon in it. Finally twist the braid and form a bun and here you go! You can try other colors of ribbons. Enjoy!

If you want to get a closer look at how to weave a 4 strand braid with ribbon, here’s a nice video tutorial for you. Enjoy!

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