Creative Ideas – DIY Watercolor Nail Art Using Permanent Markers

Creative Ideas - DIY Watercolor Nail Art Using Permanent Markers

Nail art is such a wonderful way to highlight your fashion style. Do you usually do your nails at the salons or by yourself? I like painting my nails because I enjoy the process of doing it and see the different styles on my nail. That’s why I am always on the look out for easy nail art tutorials and try them myself. From simple designs with just solid colors, to more complicated ones with intricate patterns, there are always simple yet brilliant tips and tricks that can help everyone with any level of skill to make professional-looking nail art right at home.

Do you like water color nail art? It’s so beautiful! It usually involves mixing water and different colors of nail polish. However, there is an easier way to achieve this good-looking design. This tutorial will show you how to make water color nail art using permanent markers. All you need is different colors of Sharpies, some rubbing alcohol, top coat,  a bowl and a nail art brush. Follow the video and check out how to do it. Try different colors to create your own design. It’s super easy and will guarentee you a unique and mordern look. Enjoy!

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source: SprinkleNails