DIY Dream Catcher Earrings

DIY Dream Catcher Earrings 3

DIY Dream Catcher Earrings 2

Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeper from negative or bad dreams, while letting positive dreams come through. The positive dreams would go through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and slide down the feathers to the people sleeping below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the dream catcher and perish when the first light of the new day hit them.

Traditional dream catchers are made using a hoop of willow, on which is woven a loose net or web, and decorating it with sacred items such as feathers and beads. Today I am excited to feature this DIY project to make dream catcher earrings. They look so beautiful. Enjoy!

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • rings
  • threads
  • feathers
  • beads
  • pliers, cutters, scissors, needle