DIY Creative Glitter Fishnet Nail Art

DIY Creative Glitter Fishnet Nail Art

Here is a super cute idea to make glitter fishnet nail art. You’ve got to try these winner nails. They are very stylish and really fun and easy to do. This glitter black design is perfect match with a black dress and high heels. But you can always try other color designs. When it comes to nail art, the creativity is endless. Enjoy!

Here are the things you will need:

  • Sponge;
  • White glitter powder;
  • Acrylic gel;
  • Black nail polish;
  • Netting (e.g. from the bath puff)
  • Nail base coat.

Directions :

  1. Apply the base coat and let it dry.
  2. Apply the black nail polish and allow it to dry completely.
  3. Place the netting over it.
  4. Dab the sponge in the acrylic gel first, then in the glitter powder and finally dab it on the nail and netting.
  5. Remove the netting and wait for it to dry.
  6. Apply a clear top coat.

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