Creative Ideas – DIY Christmas Tree Nail Art

Creative Ideas - DIY Christmas Tree Nail Art

As the holiday is coming up, have you started to think about decoration ideas for your home? In addition to putting up a real Christmas tree, we can fill Christmas spirit in our home or office with some creative Christmas tree crafts. From table decors, centerpieces, greeting card, food decorating, to gift packing, there are so many creative ways for you to incorporate Christmas tree ideas into your daily life and delight your family. Be sure to check out all the Christmas tree craft projects that are featured on our site via this LINK.

Now let’s apply Christmas tree theme to our nail art. This Christmas tree nail art looks really festive and is easy to make. The trick is using two tape strips. You can check out the step by step tutorial in the following link…

Blue Tape and Nail Tips – Easy Christmas Tree Nail Art