How to Make Black and White Beans Decorated Vase

How to Make Black and White Beans Decorated Vase

It’s interesting to use beans for decorations. Here is a fun project to use black and white beans to decorate a clay pot and make it a nice vase. Isn’t that creative? The vase looks very unique, with the flower pattern made from the beans. It’s very easy to do. Just sketch the flower on the pot and start to glue the beans according to the template. You can use this idea to customize the vase with other patterns or designs for decoration, such as cute animals, letters and so on. Enjoy!

Here are the materials and tools you may need:

  • Black and white beans;
  • Clay pot;
  • White colored pencil;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Brushes;
  • Glue.


1. Get a bag of black and white beans.


2. Take a plain clay vase.


3. Sketch the flower pattern on the vase.


4. Paint black and white colors on the vase.


5. Glue the black and white beans on the vase according to the pattern.

How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-5.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-6.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-7.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-8.jpg

6. Wait for the glue to dry. Enjoy this unique and beautiful vase!

How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-9.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-10.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-11.jpg How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Beans-Decorated-Vase-12.jpg

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