How to DIY Easy and Beautiful Paper Flowers

How to DIY Easy and Beautiful Paper Flowers

Paper flowers look just like natural flowers but last longer and won’t wilt or droop. That’s why they are very popular decoration for home, parties, weddings and many other occasions. There are many creative ways to make easy and beautiful paper flowers. Here’s a perfect example. Even if you are not good at crafting, with some cutting, rolling and pasting, you can still make these pretty paper flowers to decorate your home. You can use different colors of paper to make a colorful bouquet. Let’s try it!

Here are the things you may need:

  • Colored paper;
  • Crepe paper;
  • Wire;
  • Glue;
  • Ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Double sided tape.


1. Cut the colored paper in strips with a width of about 6 cm. The length depends on your preferences. If you want the petals to be more voluminous, you can use longer strips. Cut fringes on the strip, leaving an edge with a width of about 2 cm. Apply double sided tape on the edge of the strip.

How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Beautiful-Paper-Flowers-1.jpg2. Place one end of the wire on the edge of the strip and start rolling. Apply more double sided tape if need until you roll to the end of the strip. The flower bud is finished.

How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Beautiful-Paper-Flowers-2.jpg3. Wrap white crepe paper around the base of the flower bud. Wrap green crepe paper around the base of the bud and the upper part of the wire. Secure with glue. Arrange and pull out the fringes to make the flower look blooming. Now you finish one flower.


4. Repeat steps 2 to 8 to make more flowers to form a bouquet. Place it in a nice vase and enjoy!


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