Creative Ideas – DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Creative Ideas - DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

PVC pipe is one of those ordinary construction materials that is very versatile. It is cheap to buy, readily available and easy to work with. You can cut it, paint it, drill it and glue it easily. Therefore, it is the perfect material for many DIY projects. With creativity and time, you can create functional and useful pieces out of PVC pipes for your home.

If you have lots of shoes piling up your entryway or front door, and your current shoe rack is running out of space, maybe it’s time for you to get a new shoe rack. You don’t have to spend extra money on a store-bought shoe rack. In this tutorial, homemadesimple demonstrates how to make a simple shoe rack using PVC pipes. It’s not a very fancy one, but it’s practical and stylish. And you’ll have a neat and clean way to organize your shoes in your entryway, front door and even closets. Check out the video and learn the step by step instructions.

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