Creative Ideas – DIY Raised Bed from IKEA Kallax Shelves

Creative Ideas – DIY Raised Bed from IKEA Kallax Shelves

Are you looking for creative ways to add extra storage space to your small bedroom? Then you should definitely check out this awesome IKEA hack. Many people like IKEA furniture items because they are beautifully designed and affordable. With creativity, you can even turn them into another unique piece of furniture.

While looking for solutions to her cluttered bedroom, YouTuber Chelsea Mason came up with a creative idea to build a raised bed from IKEA Kallax shelves. By elevating her bed, she created lots of space underneath with the IKEA shelving units and the entire project is in a budget. Here are the things she used:

  • 2 Kallax shelves with 4 compartments;
  • 2 Kallax shelves with 8 compartments;
  • 6 hardwood timber planks;
  • 1 Curtain (optional);
  • 1 Curtain rod (optional).

Follow the video and get the detailed instructions. Don’t forget to share this awesome bedroom makeover with your friends!

source: Chelsea Mason