Creative Ideas – DIY Perfect Gift Wrapping in 15 Seconds

Creative Ideas - DIY Perfect Gift Wrapping in 15 Seconds

There are many occasions for distributing gifts to family and friends: birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. But I am not good at gift wrapping at all. It takes me too long to wrap the gifts and I waste too much wrapping paper on a single gift. Even though I can enlist the kids to help, I still end up with a big mess occasionally.

Luckily, I have found this life-changing gift wrapping hack. With this fast and easy technique, you can wrap a rectangular or square gift box like a professional. If you want to make your gift wrapping look more fancy, the second part of the video shows another technique to add decorative twists on the package. But it will take a little bit longer. I am already starting to practice the easier one. Gift wrapping will be a lot less stressful and can be so much fun. Let’s try it!

Are you going to give it a try? Please share this awesome gift wrapping hack with your family and friends!