Creative Ideas – DIY Secret Safe from Miracle Whip Jar

Creative Ideas - DIY Secret Safe from Miracle Whip Jar

He spray paints a Magic Whip jar. The reason why? Pure genius! This is a very useful tip to make your own secret safe to keep your valuables at home. Most people have been using the metal safes to store their valuables at home. In the video below, Grant Thompson shows us an easy step by step to make a small, portable secret safe that even the smartest burglar may find it hard to tell. All you need is an empty jar of Miracle Whip, some paint and a can of cat food. Then you can “disguise” the empty jar as if it was the real item. According to statistics, it takes a burglar about 9-12 minutes on average to search through the house and get what they want. Therefore, simple house hacks like this would come in handy and are practical, because it would make it harder for the burglars to find the valuables. Who would think there are treasures in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboard? Watch the video below and make your own secrete safe!

(source: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random)

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