Creative Ideas – DIY Flower Pot Heater

Creative Ideas - DIY Flower Pot HeaterWinter is coming soon. It’s always good to prepare for the colder months in advance. During the winter, a majority part of our utility bill comes from the heater cost. We do need heater to keep warm for our home, but there are still many easy, efficient and effective ways to keep your room warmer and lower your utility bill.

The following is an awesome DIY project by Ben Galt, who shows us the step by step how to make a flower pot heater. These flower pots can heat up a medium sized room for a minimal cost per hour. Not only will it save you a lot of money on your utility bill, it also makes a nice piece of decor for your home. If you are concerned about the overheating problem or even fire hazard, don’t worry. These will be taken care of by the mechanism and modifications made to the flower pot heater, such as an adjustable base. Follow the video below for all the instructions. I am definitely going to try it this winter. How about you?

(source: Ben Galt)

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