Life Hack – How to Know The Average Age Of Supermarket Eggs

Life Hack - How to Know The Average Age Of Supermarket Eggs

Eggs are nutritious and healthy and are always included in our daily meals. The more fresh the eggs are, the more delicious they taste. That’s why when we go to the supermarket to buy eggs, we always check the expiration dates on the egg cartons to tell how fresh they are.

However, it turns out that store-bought eggs are not as fresh as you thought even thought it has the logo of “Farm Fresh”. In the video below, YouTube channel J&J Acres explains that the average supermarket eggs might be at least 45 days old by the time you buy them! In addition to checking the “best by/sell by” date on the egg cartons, you should also pay attention to a number printed from 1 to 365, which represents the day of the year when these eggs were packed. By looking at the so-called Julian dates, you can get a rough idea about the average age of the eggs you are going to buy. It’s such a useful life hack everyone should know. Check out the video and learn more details.

(via: J&J Acres)

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