Health Tips – How to Relieve Stiff Neck Naturally in 90 Seconds

Health Tips - How to Relieve Stiff Neck Naturally in 90 Seconds

Do you suffer from stiff neck like I do? I still remember one day when I woke up, I found my neck was so stiff that whenever I tried to turn my head, it hurt! I could not even drive a car! I had to go to the doctor to fix the problem and it took me a whole week until the symptom was gone.

Stiff neck is a very common health problem among people nowadays. A lot of reasons cause the problem: incorrect sleeping position, poor posture when looking at computer monitors or looking down on smart phones for a long time, excessive stress and so on. Regular exercises and making corrective changes are the best ways to prevent this problem. But if you are looking for a quick relief whenever you feel stiff or pain in your neck, you can try this technique.

In this video, Dr. Mandell is going to show you how to relieve stiff neck naturally in just 90 seconds. You will learn how stiff necks occur and some great stretches to help you have a quick recovery on your own. It is so simple to follow. I’ve tried it and it worked! I hope you will find this helpful too. If you do, don’t forget to SHARE this useful health tip with your family and friends!

source: motivationaldoc