How to DIY Unique Crepe Paper Rose

How to DIY Unique Crepe Paper Flower

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Crepe paper flowers look like natural flowers but last longer and won’t wilt or droop. That’s why they are very popular for decoration. There are many creative ways to make crepe paper flowers and here’s a nice example. What makes it so special is the way the petals are formed. Twist the edge of the crepe paper to make pleats and then roll into the petals of roses. Isn’t it cool? Roses made in this way look so unique and delicate. You can use different colors of crepe paper to make a colorful bouquet or flower ball to decorate your room or send as gifts. Happy crafting!

To make this unique crepe paper rose, you may need:

  • crepe paper with colors of your choices
  • wire
  • scissors
  • glue

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