How to DIY Pretty Apron from Old Jeans

How to DIY Pretty Apron from Old Jeans

Do you have any old jeans that are sitting in your wardrobe for a long time and you don’t want to wear any more, either because they are worn out or out of fashion? There are many creative ways to up-cycle your old jeans into something useful, such as a handbag, shorts, a bracelet and so on. Make sure to check out all the old jeans refashion projects that are featured on our site.

Today I am excited to feature another great DIY project to make some pretty aprons from old jeans. I discovered the above image from DIY Cozy Home and then found out that the idea was actually provided by the A Girl and A Glue Gun blog. What a cute and practical idea to use denim jeans as the materials for making aprons! They are very durable. I also love it that you can use other cute patterns of fabric to decorate the aprons, such as making the floral trims and a cute little pocket.

Click the link below for the step by step tutorial…

A Girl and A Glue Gun – Levi Apron Tutorial

image source: A Girl and A Glue Gun, DIY Cozy Home