How to DIY Creative Decorative Pillow for Wedding Date

How to DIY Creative Decorative Pillow for Wedding Date

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Here is a nice DIY project to make a decorative pillow. It is very special because the decoration is in the form of a calendar which shows the wedding date. Isn’t that creative? It is not difficult to make. Just print out the calendar on the fabric and the rest procedure is similar to making a regular pillow. This simple and stylish pillow is really a cute little reminder of your cherished date. After the wedding, you can use it as a unique piece of home decor. It also makes a nice bridal shower gift. Happy crafting!

To make this creative decorative pillow, you may need:

  • A4 paper;
  • 2 pieces of fabric (23 cm and 32 * 17 * 17 cm);
  • Lace;
  • Satin ribbon;
  • Needle and thread (white and red);
  • Polyester or cotton fillings;
  • Scissors, ruler, pencil, chalk;
  • Safety pins, sewing machine;
  • Printer.


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