How to Cut Your Own Hair Easily

How to Cut Your Own Hair in an Easy Way

Have you ever tried cutting you own hair? It’s really a challenging job, at least for me because if I mess up, I am not sure if I could go out to meet with friends. But sometimes we do need to take some challenges, such as cutting our own hair. And here is a little trick for you.

What a creative and easy way to cut your own hair! All you need to do is just combing your hair forward to make a ponytail and then trimming or snipping the end of the ponytail. Untie the ponytail and you can see the effect: you’ll have a nice layered hairstyle. It works like magic, right? Next time if you are really busy and want to save a trip to the hair salon, and if you are brave enough to take the challenger, you can think about trying this little trick to give yourself a new look. Good luck! 🙂

Source: odd stuff magazine

Check out an video tutorial from YouTube by M by Mickie…