DIY Plastic Cup Easter Basket

DIY Plastic Cup Easter Basket

Are you looking for Easter craft ideas? Easter gift baskets are important to this holiday celebration. If you are running out of time and are looking to make last-minute arrangements, then this easy-to-make plastic cup Easter basket would come in handy. It is very easy to make and looks very cute! You can decorate it with paper flowers and place candies, chocolates and gifts inside. It will make a nice little gift to distribute to kids on Easter.


  1. Cut the side of the plastic cup in strips.
  2. Take a strip of other color (can be cut off from plastic cups of other colors) and glue to the base inside the plastic cup.
  3. Curl the strips of the cup, wrap each one around the strip next to it and secure it with glue. Now it looks like a basket.
  4. Decorate the basket with crepe paper flowers, grass, toys and any other ornaments you like.
  5. Place candies or chocolate inside the basket.
  6. Make as many baskets as you want in the same way. Enjoy!

DIY Plastic Cup Easter Basket

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