DIY Homemade Corn Dogs

DIY Homemade Corn Dogs

My son loves hot dogs and corn dogs like most kids do. Instead of buying the frozen ones from the grocery store, I think it’s good to make the homemade version. I found this wonderful recipe for corn dogs that I really want to try. It’s very simple and fun. Just make the batter and dip the hot dogs into it. You might get a little messy when your kids help dipping the hot dogs. But they will have a lot of fun making their own corn dogs. You can manipulate the batter according to your preferences, such as adding your favorite ingredients and food coloring. Most important of all, you know the ingredients that go into the corn dogs so you can make them as healthy as you want. For example, you can use whole wheat flour instead of the all purpose flour. Or you can use less sugar. Anyway, these homemade corn dogs are delicious, healthier, fun and easy to make and great for a family lunch or dinner. 

Check out the recipe here…

Life in the Lofthouse – Homemade Corn Dogs

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