DIY Creative Button Bowl

DIY Creative Button Bowl

In additions to being used for decoration, balloons can be used in many creative ways that you might not have expected. A perfect example would be making a decorative bowl out of a balloon. Be sure to check out all the decorative bowl projects that are featured on our site HERE.

If you love button crafts, here is another DIY project to make a button bowl out of a balloon. Isn’t that unique and cute? It is super easy to make. Simply inflate the balloon, glue the buttons to it. Wait for the glue to completely dry and poke the balloon. That’s it! You can adjust the arrangement of the buttons to make different shapes of bowls. You can use it to hold some light objects such as candies, chocolates, accessories, tissues and so on. Or just leave it on the table to enjoy its pretty look. It makes a cute little gift for friends too. If you like button crafts, definitely try it! Have fun!

Check out  this video tutorial…

source: Claudia Abate

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