DIY Adorable Cat Flower Pot from Plastic Bottle and Cement

DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-1.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-2.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-3.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-4.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-5.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-6.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-7.jpg DIY-Adorable-Cat-Flower-Pot-from-Plastic-Bottle-and-Cement-8.jpg

Adding cute animal planters in the garden is a fun way to enhance the overall beauty of your garden. I used to feature a DIY project to make piglet planter from plastic bottles and it became very popular on my Facebook. If you missed it, you can view it via this link. Today I am excited to feature a similar project to make a cat flower pot from plastic bottle and cement. Isn’t it cute? Enjoy!

Here are the things you may need:

  • cement
  • sand
  • large plaster bottle
  • water
  • wire
  • paint
  • wooden slats

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