Creative Ideas – How To Perfectly Fold T-Shirts

Creative Ideas - How To Perfectly Fold T-Shirts

How much time do you spend on your laundry? Washing clothes may be OK because the washing machine will do it. But folding your clothes may take up a lot of time. I usually fold the t-shirts horizontally and stack them in the drawer. Sometimes it is too messy and difficult to find the one I want to wear. I have to dig through the piles of t-shirts to find it. This makes me wondering if there is a better way to fold and organize the t-shirts.

Fortunately, the answer is Yes. In this tutorial, Alejandra from demonstrates how to perfectly fold t-shirts. Her secret is using a special folding tool to get the job done easy and fast. With this smart folding board, you’ll be able to make perfect folds in seconds and place your t-shirts vertically rather than horizontally. This will give much more space in your drawers and keep your closets, shelves or drawers tidy and organized. And you’ll have easier access to the one you want. Follow the video and find out how to do it. Enjoy!

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Creative Ideas - How To Perfectly Fold T-Shirts

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