Creative Ideas – DIY Stunning Melted Crayon Art Canvas

Creative Ideas - DIY Stunning Melted Crayon Art Canvas

I am excited to feature this interesting DIY project to make stunning melted crayon art canvas. Melted crayon art is getting very popular these days and has been all over the internet. It’s a cheap, easy and really fun thing to do. Simply hot glue your crayons with the tips facing down on the top of your canvas and use a hairdryer to melt your crayons. To avoid spatters, place your canvas on some old newspaper. You can work on it with your kids and enjoy the time creating something beautiful together. Everyone will love creating something that’s bright, vibrant and colorful with their own hands. I love the way the melted crayon art canvas brings the cheerful colors to the room and pull in the art theme. It will make a beautiful piece of wall decor to hang in your kid’s room, class room or any place that needs a rainbow pop of colors!

Check out the detailed instructions via the following link…

Meg Duerksen – Melted Crayon Art