Creative Ideas – DIY Koi Observation Tower In Garden Pond

Creative Ideas - DIY Koi Observation Tower In Garden Pond

Relaxing in my garden and enjoying the view is one of my favorite leisure time. That’s why I am always on the look out for new and creative ideas to decorate my garden. If you have a garden pond with beautiful fish inside, here is a super cool idea for you to make a outdoor aquarium right in your garden pond.

In this tutorial, German YouTuber TCHelmut shares his creative idea to build a koi observation tower in his koi pond. By placing a pillar shaped glass aquarium upside down in the koi pond, he creates a fantastic vertical observation tower for the fish. The fish can swim up and down as they please because the tank is completely open at the bottom. And they seem to enjoy in their own observation tower because they can have a better view of the world around them. This unique garden feature is so stunning to look at and will for sure add to the beauty of your garden. Check out the video and learn more details. Enjoy!

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