How to Draw a Kitten Easily

How to Draw a Kitten Easily

How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-1.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-2.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-3.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-4.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-5.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-6.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-7.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-8.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-9.jpg How-to-Draw-a-Kitten-Easily-10.jpg

With some creativity, you can draw nice pictures without much drawing skill. Here is a creative and easy way to draw a kitten. What a nice idea! Show your kids this technique and I am sure they will love drawing this cute kitten so easily by themselves. Take this idea further to draw kittens in different cute postures. Have fun!

Here are the things you may need:

  • pieces of paper
  • a pencil
  • some creativity 🙂

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