How to DIY Easy and Pretty Gift Box

How to DIY Easy and Pretty Gift Box

If you want to add a personal touch to the gifts for your family and friends, you can make a unique gift box by yourself. Here is a nice DIY tutorial to show you how to make a pretty gift box. It’s very easy to make and great for last minute gift packaging. Simply draw and cut out the template, fold it and paste the sides. Then make the cover of the gift box with colored wrapping paper and decorate it with cord or ribbon. You can pack it with small gifts such as jewelries and fashion accessories. You can use other colors of wrapping paper and ornaments to create your own style. Happy crafting!

To make this gift box, you may need:

  • White construction paper or card stock paper;
  • Colored construction paper for wrapping;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • Glue;
  • Ornaments: cord, ribbon or decorative paper strips to make a bow.

How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-1.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-2.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-3.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-4.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-5.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-6.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-7.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-8.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-9.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-10.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-11.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-12.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-13.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-14.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-15.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-16.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-17.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-18.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-19.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-20.jpg How-to-DIY-Easy-and-Pretty-Gift-Box-21.jpg

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