How to DIY Creative Box Photo Album

How to DIY Creative Box Photo Album

How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-1.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-2.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-3.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-4.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-5.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-6.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-7.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-8.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-9.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-10.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-11.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-12.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-13.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-14.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-15.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-16.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-17.jpg How-to-DIY-Creative-Box-Photo-Album-18.jpg

Photos record valuable memories of people. With digital cameras so popular these days, many people have hundreds of photos stored in their computers or portable storage devices, or put in albums hidden away on shelves. Creating a unique representation of photos help to bring up all those valuable memories. I am excited to feature this super cute idea to make an original box photo album. This cute box album is a pleasant little surprise for the receiver because it opens, or “explodes”, into a cool little album when the lid is taken off. Just pick your favorite photos and make this creative box photo album. When you open the box, you will have a whole list of memories to enjoy. It makes a great gift for family and friends. Happy crafting!

Here are the things you may need:

  • Card stock: 12 x 12 inches;
  • Scissors;
  • Bone folder;
  • Glue;
  • Paperclips;
  • Patterned paper;
  • Ribbon;
  • photos.

Photo credit: The Glitter Adventure Blog.