How to Crochet Adorable DIY Baby Ballerina Booties

How to Crochet Adorable DIY Baby Ballerina Booties

Handmade baby booties are perfect gifts for the little ones. These crochet baby ballerina booties are so cute and pretty, perfect for your baby princess! They are warm and comfortable for the little feet. I also like the idea of adding the beautiful crochet flowers and ribbons for embellishment. Next time you need a special gift for a baby shower or if you just want to give your little one something special, you can try making these pretty booties.

Please head over to the LifeBabySapatinhos blog for the video tutorials on making these adorable crochet baby ballerina booties. Although the videos are in Portuguese, you can see every step clearly. Here’s the link…

LifeBabySapatinhos Blog – Adorable Baby Ballerina Booties Tutorial

The following is a video tutorial on YouTube for a very similar crochet baby booties project. It even provides a detailed written instructions. Enjoy!

Click for written instructions