DIY Kinder Egg Shaped Cake

DIY Kinder Egg Shaped Cake

Easter is around the corner! Have you thought about any dessert ideas? Here is a super cute idea to make an egg shaped cake. It’s the cake version of the Kinder Surprise egg. Isn’t that cool? It’s easy to make and fun to eat. It’s the process of shaping the cake in an egg shape that makes it so special. You can use any cake recipe you can find on the web to make the cake. Then stack the base and different sizes of layers to form the egg shape. Use fondant to smooth the surface of the egg. For final decoration, you can also use fondant to make the letters and other ornaments. This Kinder Surprise cake will be a pleasant surprise for your kids on Easter!

Continue to Mruslana Blog for more details on how to make this cute egg shaped cake. The original instruction was written in Russian, and has been translated in English. Here’s the link…

Mruslana Blog – DIY Kinder Egg Shaped Cake

Here’s a video tutorial…

source: TippsbyEla

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