DIY Beautiful Cake of Soap

DIY Beautiful Cake of Soap

Homemade soap is becoming more and more popular these days because you can add your own touch of natural ingredients to the soap, making it better for your skin and for the planet than a lot of commercial soaps out there. It can be a wonderful treat for yourself, or a special and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Making your own soap is a very rewarding and fun process. There are a lot of great homemade soap recipes you can find online. I came across this wonderful tutorial to make a beautiful cake of soap by the Handmade Blog and would like to share with you. This soap cake is so creative and attractive! It looks really like a real cake 🙂 Wrap it like a real cake and send as a gift to your friends. I am sure they will be surprised at your amazing work!

DIY Beautiful Cake of Soap

You should definitely go to the Handmade Blog to check out the full tutorial. The original text is in Russian. For your convenience, the link to the tutorial has been translated into English via Google Translate. I wish you enjoy it!

Handmade Blog – DIY Beautiful Cake of Soap

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