Creative Ideas – DIY Pretty Crochet Daisy Baby Blanket

Creative Ideas - DIY Pretty Crochet Daisy Baby Blanket 1

Crochet baby blankets are perfect handmade gifts for babies. Be sure to check out all the beautiful crochet baby blanket projects that were featured on our site HERE.

Here is another fantastic and free pattern for making a crochet baby blanket. How pretty is this crochet daisy baby blanket! It is made from connecting the beautiful crochet daisy flowers and the colorful granny squares, adding the adorable scalloped borders. It’s so warm and comfortable for the little ones. Next time you need a special gift for a baby shower or if you just want to give your little one something special, definitely try making this pretty crochet daisy blanket. In addition to using it as a warm blanket on chilly days, you can also use it as a bedspread, decoration for the back of a chair and so on.

Check out the FREE pattern in the following link…

Repeat Crafter Me – Crochet Daisy Afghan