Creative Ideas – DIY Giant Bubbles

Creative Ideas - DIY Giant Bubbles

Is there any kid who doesn’t like playing with bubbles? My little one could spend a whole afternoon playing and blowing the bubbles with a bottle of bubble solution that I bought in the store. Did you know it’s very easy to make your own bubble solution with common household items that you might already have on hand? In this tutorial, the popular YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms shows us how to make giant bubbles. All you need is dish soap, baking powder and other simple materials. With this easy recipe, you can create impressive and giant bubbles that kids will absolutely love. This is also a great scientific experiment to show to the kids. They will have so much fun making and playing with the giant bubbles. If you are looking for easy and fun activities to entertain your kids, definitely try this one. Follow the video for the detailed instructions!

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source: WhatsUpMoms