Creative Ideas – DIY Amazing Lego Gummy Candy

Creative Ideas - DIY Amazing Lego Gummy Candy

Is there any kid who doesn’t like Lego? Ever since Lego began manufacturing their interlocking toy bricks in 1949, Lego has become part of our life. These amazing little bricks allow kids and adults to build anything with their creativity and imagination, from buildings, vehicles to working robots. You can even use them to build unique furniture!

If you have huge Lego fans at home, how about making these amazing Lego gummy candies for them? Grant Thompson is such a genius! In his YouTube channel ‘King Of Random’, he shows us the amazing recipe and instructions on how to make your own Lego gummy candy. Occasionally I make my own gummy bears with the kids as snacks or just for fun. We use different kinds of molds to make various shapes. But we have never tried the Lego brick shapes. Isn’t this cool and creative? These Lego gummy candies look so real and they are even stackable! And the process of making them is also lots of fun for the kids. They will be fun treats for kids’ party.

Creative Ideas - DIY Amazing Lego Gummy Candy

Let’s watch the video tutorial and learn how to make these amazing Lego candies!

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

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