Creative Animals Made of Fruits And Vegetables

Creative Animals Made of Fruits And Vegetables

How cute are these animal sculptures that are made from fruits and vegetables! I am always amazed by the creative minds and skillful hands to make something ordinary (such as fruits and vegetables) to become extraordinary! Dog from cabbage, penguins from eggplant, tortoise from melon, cat from orange, crabs from peppers, sheep from cauliflower…the list goes on with your imagination and creativity.

Onion Cat Onion Squirrel Cabbage PigCauliflower Sheep Kiwi Bear Eggplant Penguins Melon and Vegetable Owl Cabbage Dog Sweet Pepper Bird Vegetable Dog Fruit Duck Fruit Owl Sweet Potato Sea Lion Eggplant Whale Carrot Goldfish Carrot Squirrels Pepper Crab Vegetable Horse Vegetable Animal Bok Choy Fish Strawberry Mice Vegetable Duck Eggplant Penguins Cucumber Dophin Pomegranate Chicken Orange Goldfish Strawberry Bear Mandarin Orange Snail Orange Cat Banana Dolphin Banana Dog Watermelon Shark Lemon and Carrot Fish

Cantaloupe Sea Turtle Carrot Squirrels

Apple Elephant

Apple Crab

Orange Crab

After you have seen the list, which one is your favorite? What animal can you make? Please share with us your work on our Facebook page!